Harrogate Waterstones

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You know you’re doing something right when you end up in Harrogate. The buildings are pretty. The air is cleaner. The dogs woof posher. It’s the sort of place where you imagine nothing bad ever happens and policemen come round and tuck you in bed at night.

The Waterstones in Harrogate has just undergone a revamp, and I have to say it made for fantastic event. The store looks beautiful, and I loved the new, expanded Children’s Department, and the cafe. I also think I may have met my biggest fan: as today amongst all the sales we had, one lovely stranger came in and ask for SIX signed copies of the book for family and friends!

Was it that she saw me on Estuary TV last week? Did she hear me plugging it on Vale Radio? Or did she just love silly stories about orange juice? We may never, know, but she definitely adored the book!


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