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Just before Christmas 2016, I met a guy named John who ran Oxfam Bookstore, Beverley. We got chatting about the work that Oxfam does – I have to admit, up until that point I didn’t know the depth of their work worldwide. Oxfam don’t just do food relief, but also invest heavily in their Projects for the Future programme. This involves everything from sustainable agriculture to Education.

So with John’s help, we put on an event at Oxfam in Beverley and raised a substantial amount of money to go towards Oxfam’s Projects for the Future programme. I came away from the experience feeling a mixture of happy and humbled by what we’d be able to achieve.

Of the back of this, I contacted Leila Bryant, Manager at the Oxfam Bookstore on Micklegate in York, and we put on a similar event on this lovely Bank Holiday weekend. Leila and her team are so dedicated, and selfless that it did that weird thing to my tummy where you feel that there’s still so much hope left in the world. In the media today we’re constantly told that people are becoming increasingly insular and selfish. But truly, it was a delight to see how many people offered their time and services to a good cause, and how many people would come in to support Oxfam and their work.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone involved, and to all the members of the public who came down to support us. Below are just a few of the snaps from the day – but my favourite from the whole event is me stood outside with a talented young lady named Emily Littler. Emily helped to create a window display, comprising of books, orange rubber ducks and a gigantic orange juicy drink. The most impressive bit? She doesn’t even work for Oxfam. Emily came along to help out, even though she’s not officially a volunteer at the store and produced an absolutely kick-ass display.

I have to say that meeting Leila, Emily, Georgia and everyone else involved with Oxfam York has been a pleasure, and I hope to be back there with these lovely people again in the future to help raise even more money for such a great cause.


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