“I’m a cheery Yorkshire based writer and illustrator, specialising in children’s picture books.”


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Where Has All the Cake Gone? – Hardback / Paperback

Get your signed, first-edition copy of Macmillan’s latest picture book sensation, Where Has All the Cake Gone? 

From the pen of Andy Sanders, the award-winning creator of I Have an Orange Juicy Drinkcomes a book featured on The Times ‘“One to Watch Out for” list of 2022, and has been described as “bright, bold and brilliantly hilarious” and “so funny …

Limited Edition Print – Brave for The Both of Us

This 16″ x 12″ artwork shows dark demons trying to attack a young couple.

However, the girl in the picture is bigger, brighter and more awesome than all of them put together and is scaring them away with a bright, majestic light.

If you have a special woman in your life – a wife, mother, sister or daughter who has ever been …

I Have an Orange Juicy Drink – Hardback/ Paperback

Get your signed, first-edition copy of the award-winning book,  I Have an Orange Juicy Drink here. This award-winning picture book is perfect for that special little person in your life.

Thanks to the bold illustrations and bright irreverent humour, this book is perfect for children from 0 to 5 years old. Both boys and girls will love this hilarious tale of …

Postcards – Set of 5 (Mix and Match)

The  cost effective way to get artwork by Award-Winning Author & Illustrator Andrew Sanders into your life.

A set of five – you choose from:

  • “That’s it. Life’s too hard. I’m off to be a marshmallow.”
  • “You are so shiny and wonderful, I worry magpies will take you.”
  • Robot
  • Dinosaur
  • Unicorn

You can see Andy’s latest doodles at www.instagram.com/short_and_smiley .

Once you …

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The Whitby Bookshop

  There’s one very important thing every author needs to know if they’re going to do a book signing. It’s incredibly important. Super duper important. And that is the answer to “Where the heck is Read more…

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