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The above picture is taken from the Saint Mary’s Newsletter and I think it’s a great snapshot of the fun we had on the day!

The best thing about getting my first picture book I Have an Orange Juicy Drink published is getting to read it to fantastic chaps like these guys! Saint Mary’s Primary School in Beverley has got some delightful children and some wonderful staff. We had a wonderful Monday morning doing readings and improving our literacy!

A big thank you to everyone for making the day such a success, in particular Mrs Fowler and Miss Hodgson! All the classes were brilliant, but I need to give a special mention to Mrs Hodgson’s pupils who were a true delight, and so full of wonderful creative ideas! The Zombie work we did on homonyms was terrific fun.

Andy’s Favourite Bit of the Day

Seeing 60 Year One pupils shout “AGAIN!” when we got to the end of my reading my picture book!



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