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A Leisure Centre might seem like an odd place for author & illustrator to visit. But actually, it makes a lot more sense than you would think.

In past lives, I have been a TV Gameshow Contestant, a supply teacher and five-a-side footballer, but I was also a swim teacher for 3 years. And I know from experience how many kids have to sit and wait for an eternity for their brothers and sisters to finish their swim sessions.

So I spoke to the manager of the Leisure Centre and she was delighted for me to come in and visit the centre and do illustration workshops with the kids on Saturday morning!

We read books, signed first editions and had a great time drawing pictures! I even ended up staying an hour later than planned, just because it was that much fun!

Andy’s Best Bit of the Day

I couldn’t stop smiling when I said to Dan (7) and Julie (5) we were going to draw our “favourite things in the whole world”. Dan drew Lionel Messi Julie drew “chicken on a stick”. To be fair, I really like both of those, too.


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