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There’s a list of things that I’ve dreamt about since I was little.

The hardest one is probably setting up a zoo in outer space*, but there are others, too.

Making a career from telling stories and drawing cute pictures, is the one thing I want to do for the rest of my life. Most of the time, that involves sitting in my study and chasing ideas around on a sketchpad and typewriter, but on World Book Day 2017, I was invited to open a new £10,000 library at Beverley Minster Primary School.

I’ve been into the school before, doing workshops and illustration activities, but opening the library was a really special event for me and the kids. I loved libraries when I was little – and much like the Post Office (which lets you send a physical item the entire length of the country for the price of a Mars Bar) – I’ve always found that they have a heart and soul that can’t be replaced by digital technology.

As it happens, my brother and I used to go to Beverley Library every Saturday, and take a stack of different books home with us every week. They massively shaped both of us growing up – and fostered a life long love for stories and storytelling – which is what has ultimately helped me to get to where I am today in terms of my books and stories. If you’re reading this and you haven’t ever been to a library, or taken your kids to one, then I implore you: GO! Go, and make use of them. They are amazing buildings, full of wonderful people that want to help you enjoy them.

So perhaps, you can understand why I felt like a very happy big kid to be invited to open Beverley Minster Primary School’s new library. Yes, the Head Teacher, Mrs Hatter, laid on some delightful biscuits and cakes, but what really made my day was seeing young people enjoying their brand new £10,000 facility. To be asked to cut the ribbon was a real honour, and I look forwards to visiting again to see it in action!

If you’d like to see the coverage from The Hull Daily Mail (including a video of yours truly flapping his gums on camera, then click here to see the <Hull Daily Mail article on it!)


*NASA are really uncooperative when it comes to new ventures, no matter how many times you send them a drawing of a giraffe doing a spacewalk on the ISS.


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