Visiting Author & Illustrator – Saint Nicholas Primary School, Beverley

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It’s funny how in life, one thing leads to another.

You go to a Leisure Centre to do some illustration workshops, and then before you know it a mum there says that her child’s school has an End of Year Fayre taking place the following week.

So you go along to that, meet lots of lovely children, draw lots of silly pictures, get asked to judge cake competitions, sell plenty of silly picture books and before you know it you’re hanging out with Roary the Tiger and an off duty Storm Trooper.

Getting paid to do what you love is great – getting paid to do what you love whilst you get to hang out with Star Wars characters is even better.

Andy’s Best Bit of the Day:

Meeting a little lady who asked for the dedication in her book to be written to her little brother instead of her because “he really likes orange juice”.


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