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This week, I’ve launched a Facebook Page. You can find it at I’ll be uploading lots of little sketches and doodles there as it’s a really fun and informal way to keep all you lovely folk updated on what I do. You see, as smashing as websites are, signing up to one, getting an account and sharing posts is a bit of a pain for most people, and based on what I’ve seen for other people, using Facebook will be a better way to keep you all updated.

To date I’ve got over 100 followers! Which is quite exciting. I have no intention on letting any of them down, so I shall be playing around with pens an awful lot over the next few weeks and updating Facebook with plenty of pictures.

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Tamara Feldman · 22nd December 2020 at 11:33 am

Hi please can we still join your Secret Santa Lunch Break course today?

Many thanks,


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