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Avast me Hearties!

Drawing Pirates & Pirate Ships

Last week (2020-05-13) in our livestream session we had an absolutely fantastic time drawing pirate ships on the high seas! I love drawing curvy waves and old wooden ships – there’s just something about that which never stops being fun – even when you’re a grown up.

a picture of a pirate ship on the ocean

It’s always hard to decide who has created the best artwork each week – but this time around I was particularly impressed with George’s work (aged 9) – which had a really nice red and black colour scheme for the pirates – and so he is the winner of this week’s free copy of I Have an Orange Juicy Drink.

An honourable mention also goes to Finn (9) and Jack (7) who created some lovely work with great proportions and line strokes.

a child's drawing of a pirate ship

George’s pirate ship (aged 9)

a child's drawing of a pirate ship

Jack’s Pirate Ship (aged 7)

a child's drawing of a pirate ship

Finn’s pirate ship (aged 9)


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