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In 2015 I forgot to pay my car tax on time. I got the pleasure of a £40 fine and disapproving looks from my parents. (This wasn’t really my fault – it was mainly due to a combination of moving house/being forgetful/ignoring constant reminders from my girlfriend.)

Since the DVLA got rid of tax discs, thousands of people have forgotten to renew their car tax and been thumped with a fine as a result. I don’t fancy doing this again in 2016, and I’m willing to bet no-one else does either.

So I’ve created the picture you see here. Anyone that wants to download it and use it is welcome to do so. The idea is that you write when your Car Tax/Insurance/Service & MOT is due in the middle column, and once you’ve renewed it you put a tick* in the right hand column.

Next year I’ll do a new one for 2017, and you can relive the whole fun-filled adventure again.

Enjoy, you lovely folks.

– Andy

*or a ‘yes’ or ‘completed’ or ‘IT HAS BEEN DONE’. Whatever. I’m not your mum.

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