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When the BBC documentary team comes round in 20 years time and asks you how many copies of Andrew Sanders’ first ever picture book you bought, do you want to smile happily and say:

Three! And with them all being first editions, I was able to sell two and retire off the proceeds!

or do you want to weep bitterly in the corner about how you had the chance to pre-order them from here but skipped over it and have regretted it every day since.

So yes, Exciting news: The lovely folks at Fat Fox Books have looked at my picture book work, and decided that I draw pretty enough, and write gud enuff to warrant a picture book deal! The story is one I came up with many moons ago at Falmouth University, but it’s finally made it to print. It is called I Have an Orange Juicy Drink and it’s suitable for young children. (Perfect for 2 to 4… but 5 to 6 year olds will still be able to read it themselves and appreciate the crazy humour!)


This is the front cover!

This is, quite frankly the greatest achievement of my life so far. There’s only going to be a few other writers/illustrators or close friends who actually understand what this means to me. It really is the fruition of a life-long dream, and even though it’s taken me 30 years to get here it feels like every step has been worth it.

There’s going to be other posts, on other days where I talk about how we arrived here – but right now, I just want to share this link with you:

That is where you can pre-order the first editions of my very first picture book.

Go there, buy it, and practice looking stunned and modest when the BBC team want to interview you in 2036.


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