From French Mushrooms to Short and Smiley!

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I’ve recently moved my website from to As far as branding goes, it’s long overdue: Short and Smiley is a lot more catchy, and succinctly sums up my style of drawing and writing in a way that Grande Champignon never did.*  The old site is still active, but don’t expect it to hang around for long. For me, scrolling through the old website feels like the professional equivalent of looking at awkward teenage photos of myself. (#OhmygodthehairthespotsthefontchoicewhatwasIthinking.)

I’m looking forwards to sharing lots of lovely new work with you – particularly this chap above: Porker. He’s going to be featuring in a number of new stories and I’ll be posting little snippets of them here. There’s also going to be pictures, stories and helpful tutorials; something for everyone.

So, please enjoy my journey from unpublished idiot with crayons to international best-selling author. It will no doubt be a long and arduous journey and I might need you to help map-read at some point. (Please don’t get travel sick.)


*Bonus points to those of you who spotted that Grande Champignon means big mushroom. Extra points for those of you who also spotted that Champignon is masculine, not feminine.

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