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I really love book shop events. Today I got to spend time with the lovely folks at Waterstones in York. I love doing signing and drawing activities in all bookshops, but sometimes the staff in store are just so positive and professional it really makes your day. I have to give a special mention to Lola, Andy and Evie – three members of staff who clearly love their jobs and have such enthusiasm for picture books and writing that it really is infectious.

When you do an event, you never know who is going to come through the door of the shop and pick up your book. There are two photos today that I really feel sum up just how loved picture books are. One is a 5 year old girl named Sarah who had a great time reading the book with our super orangey straw glasses. The other is of a 17 year old young woman named Amanda who hear about the book online on tickld.com and wanted to come down and see the book herself! (Unfortunately due to WordPress giving me a specacular amount of grief, I’m currently unable to upload Sarah’s photo… I hope to have it sorted soon!)

A visitor from Tickld.com!

It’s been a brilliant day and all that is left to say is good luck to Evie and the rest of the staff who are on shift tonight! The new Harry Potter book is out and I hear there are 200 customers coming along at midnight to get their hands on a copy!


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